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Our Mission and Vision


Gradually provide health care coverage for larger section of the society in the State with the aim to universal health protection for every resident of the State.


Though a large number of the population is availing treatments in public hospitals which provide free treatment, still there is huge turnout of patients in private hospitals in spite of the fact that they have to bear high out-of-pocket expenditure with respect to secondary and tertiary care in those hospitals. State Government is taking every effort to improve health conditions and thereby reducing vulnerability of population to poverty traps by introducing Fair Price Medicine Shops, Fair Price Diagnostic Centre, Critical Care Unit facilities within 50 KM radius, through establishment of Super Specialty Hospitals in the semi urban and rural areas, and more such initiatives. Another remarkable initiative is formation of Clinical establishment regulatory commission to ensure quality service at reasonable cost.

Active consideration on the part of the State Government to provide health coverage in order to protect the residents from catastrophic expenditure due to hospitalization has resulted in the introduction of group health protection scheme, “Swasthya Sathi”.

The targeted population of the Swasthya Sathi Scheme is the diversified low earning workers and volunteers associated with various schemes/projects/programmes administered by various Departments of the State Governmentbeing identified and approved by the Finance Department from time to time..